Monday, January 11, 2010

"There were script problems from day one..."

It's that time of year once again. When critics make their lists. When studios push for prestige. When your office starts its pool. It's the happiest time of the year - Awards Season!!

In movie reviews throughout any given year, both professional and amateur, you'll find declarations such as "the script was flawed;" "the movie was poorly written;" "great performances despite a dismal screenplay." This always makes me laugh. How many critics or reviewers are actually reading the scripts that they're blasting? Particularly the amateurs?

You know, a bad movie can be made from a good script.

In the past, we used to have the Excuse of Zero Access. But these days, there's no such thing as inaccessibility. You can find most scripts online, and it's completely legal.

It's worth noting that no one really expects you to read the script. Audiences are meant to watch the movie, not read the script. But when audiences start criticizing a script without having read it, they're stepping out of bounds.

Don't run off your mouth without knowing what you're talking about. If you're going to be critical of a script, make sure to READ IT FIRST.

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