Thursday, March 18, 2010

Podcast Rollcall: Savage Lovecast

Genre: Sex advice

What It's About: Dan Savage brings his patented brand of sex advice out of the newspaper and onto your iPod. Lacking the ability to do the show live, a la Loveline, callers record their questions to a messaging service for Dan to answer. On occasion, Dan will return a call in order to ask follow-up questions, simulating the radio call-in experience.

Why You Should Care: Savage is brutally honest, open, accepting, and hilarious. He refers to his brand of advice as "sex-positive;" that is to say that sex is an essentially good and healthy thing, and that shaming people about it generally makes matters worse. Savage's approach to advice is similar to what you might get from your friends after a few rounds at the bar -- he'll snap at you if you need it, bust your balls if you deserve it, but he's on your side and wants things to work out for you. His advice is unconventional; this ain't Ann Landers.

Frequency: Weekly

Average Length: A bit more than 30 minutes

As always, if you become a regular listener to a podcast that solicits donations, try to find a way to make the occasional contribution.

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