Thursday, April 15, 2010

Podcast Rollcall: The 40 Year Old Boy

Genre: Comedy

What It's About: Spinning comedy gold from nothing. Comedian and former Never Not Funny co-host Mike Schmidt tells stories from his life in such an amusing way, you can barely believe they're true. (But they are, he assures us.) Mining life experience from his childhood right up through his drive to the studio that day -- the studio being the apartment of producer, background laugher and burlesque dancer Lili von Schtupp -- Schmidt never fails to entertain.

Why You Should Care: Schmidt has lived a very full life and is willing to share all the embarrassing details. It's everything we want from our entertainment - humor, truth, and growth. Schmidt is a natural storyteller, a master of structure and pace. Even as he spirals into side stories within side stories, he always manages to bring it back around and tie it all together. Season 3 has just recently gotten underway, so it's a great time to start listening. His mission throughout this season is to write and produce a one-man show that he will later tour with. Start listening now to follow the process.

Frequency: Weekly

Average Length: An hour and 30 minutes

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