Thursday, April 1, 2010

Podcast Rollcall: Martini Shot

Genre: Humor

What It's About: Veteran sitcom writer Rob Long shares short anecdotes about the day-to-day lifestyle of being a writer in Hollywood. Usually a story from his life, coupled with a general observation about life and wrapped up with a tidy punchline.

Why You Should Care: Long strikes the perfect balance between "inside baseball" and relatable life experience. While this podcast offers a window into the inner workings of a specific sector of the entertainment business, it's also just quirky, Seinfeld-esque observational humor about life in general.

Frequency: Weekly

Average Length: 3 - 6 minutes... a short one

As always, if you become a regular listener to a podcast that solicits donations, try to find a way to make the occasional contribution.

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