Monday, July 12, 2010

"Crazy 4 Cult" at Gallery 1988

Last Friday was opening night for the fourth annual Crazy 4 Cult show at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. Clued into this event through the promotional efforts of Kevin Smith (who always bails after an obligatory 20 minutes), I've managed to attend all four years on opening night. It's always a blast.

(Year one poster, 2007)

Gallery 1988 specializes in exhibiting pop culture-themed artwork by new and emerging talents. Crazy 4 Cult is their flagship show, featuring works based specifically on cult films... such as the oeuvre of Kevin Smith. Opening night is always crowded, with a line down the block, celebrities in attendance, and excitement all around.

The artwork, as you'd expect, is a lot of fun. There's always a good variety of technique - oil paintings, pencil sketches, cardboard cutouts, small sculptures (there's limited space), and sometimes fabric work. The pieces range from straightforward recreations of movie scenes to reinterpretations of movie iconography to every sort of movie mashup imaginable.

One of my favorite mashups, from year two (2008), was so good that I had to buy a print. The piece places Alexander DeLarge into the titular scene from Singin' In the Rain, for reasons Kubrick fans will surely understand.

As an added bonus, Gallery 1988 shares a wall with Golden Apple, one of L.A.'s premiere comic book stores. Golden Apple is known for hosting public appearances by the best of the best in the comic book industry. On Crazy 4 Cult's annual opening night, Golden Apple throws its doors wide open, offering free booze and snacks to the crowd. This partnership effectively creates one big super-event for geeks, the crowd alternating between the two storefronts. Add to that the concurrence with San Diego Comic Con, and SoCal in July is the place to be.

On a personal note, I usually take advantage of Crazy 4 Cult night to begin a new graphic novel series. Past titles included "Girls" and "100 Bullets." This year, the honor goes to "Pride of Baghdad," which I know little about other than it's written by Brian K. Vaughn who is always awesome.

Crazy 4 Cult runs through August 8. If you miss it this year, or you want to check out opening night next year, subscribe to Gallery 1988's blog for updates.

Here's a slideshow from this year's visit. Thanks to Helby for the camerawork.

Finally, here's some video from year one, by YouTuber horacechincer.


  1. Sounds fun! That print you got is totally messed up :)

  2. I really dug pride of bagdhad, Vaughn has never failed to impress. I hope i make it by the gallery this year.


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