Thursday, July 8, 2010

People Taking Pictures of People at Pink's

Pink's Hot Dogs is a world-famous Los Angeles landmark. At least that's what Angelenos seem to think. The truth is, no one's really heard of Pink's until they come to Los Angeles and have their Angeleno friends tell them that they have to go to Pink's because it's world-famous. Oh sure, Pink's has popped up in numerous movies, TV shows and music videos, but so has every other square inch of this city. It's all background noise to people who don't live here.

Pink's is located on the busy intersection of Melrose and La Brea. They've been in the same location since 1939, first as a hot dog cart, later as brick and mortar. Their walls are lined with signed-and-dedicated headshots of all the celebrities who have eaten there throughout the decades. But their biggest claim to fame is the line of people in front of the store. The line is always long, and it's always present. It's a self-perpetuating advertisement; many passers-by decide to check out this place because it's apparently so popular, and then they become the reason that more people decide to check it out.

You really only need to go to Pink's once. I mean, it's just a hot dog. No matter how good it is, it's still just a hot dog. I, however, have been to Pink's three times. The first time was just to say I did it. The other two times were becauses of bosses who wanted the hot dogs but didn't want to wait in line. Being on the clock makes standing in line for an hour and a half at a hot dog stand relatively tolerable.

When you're waiting in line at Pink's, it's easy to determine who the locals are and who's new to the area. The new people gawk at the tremendous line with equal parts amazement and curiosity. The locals are old hands at this; they don't even notice the lines and are just trying to get where they're going.

But I was particularly amused at the number of people who take the time to stop, pull out their cameras or cell phones, and take a picture. A picture of people standing in line. A picture of people standing in line at a hot dog stand.

So I decided to start my own little project. Without further ado, Your Daily Joe proudly presents: Pictures of People Taking Pictures of People In Line at Pink's. Enjoy!

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