Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yield Signs

[ Originally posted July 12, 2006 ]

Why do we have Stop signs AND Yield signs? Is it really necessary to draw that distinction? When it comes to driving, shouldn't things be kept as simple and straight forward as possible? Stop or don't stop.

I bring this up because I was nearly hit yesterday by someone who wasn't quite on top of the whole "yield" concept. Maybe a Stop sign would have been a little more clear to him. In an age when coffee cups are required to warn people that their contents might be a bit on the toasty side, perhaps the Yield sign is a little too vague for the average driver.

But if they're going to do both, why did they quit there? I, for one, would like to see more variety in the "don't drive for a few seconds" road sign department. And I've gone the extra mile of coming up with a few new ideas.

*The Cede sign. I'd imagine it could be some sort of rectangle, probably colored blue.

*The Forgo sign would be a good one. I think it should shaped as some manner of circle or oval, and should probably be colored fuchsia. I don't even know what color fuchsia is, but fuchsia and Forgo just sound like they should be placed together.

*My absolute favorite of the new signs would definitely be the Acquiesce sign, which I imagine would be on some sort of pentagram shape. Magenta. Definitely magenta.

If the preceding sign ideas were implemented, I'm convinced the roads would be a safer place. We're going to have to do this thing on a state-by-state basis. Write your congressman.

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