Thursday, October 21, 2010

Podcast Rollcall: Road Stories

Genre: Comedy

What It's About: Comedians recounting some of the most interesting and outrageous things that have happened to them as they've traveled the country (or the world) doing their shows, interspersed with general interest conversations.

Why You Should Care: Because it puts you in a privileged position. The road story is a thing of myth; a time honored show-business tradition where entertainers earn their stripes and encounter some of the most bizarre people and situations imaginable. Their awkward situations are your gain. Needless to say, with some of the top comedians participating in the podcast, the stories are excellently told and hilarious to hear.

Frequency: Posts very infrequently; so far, there have only been three episodes in 2010

Average Length: 1 hour

As always, if you become a regular listener to a podcast that solicits donations, try to find a way to make the occasional contribution.

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