Thursday, November 4, 2010

Podcast Rollcall: Macbreak Weekly

Genre: Technology

What It's About: Tech journalists from around the country discuss the latest news, software and hardware releases, bugs, and rumors surrounding Apple and its line of products.

Why You Should Care: Home computer technology has been the most important and influential cultural force of the last 20 years, and Apple specifically has taken the lead in innovation over the last decade. No matter your level of interest, the decisions they make and the products they release are affecting your everyday life. This show keeps you up-to-date on those decisions and products, as well as what to expect in the near future. That they happen to be a group of intelligently funny people only makes the show more listenable.

Of note: If you insist on hating Apple, the This Week In Tech network also produces a Windows Weekly series.

Frequency: As the title suggests, weekly

Average Length: 1 1/2 hours

As always, if you become a regular listener to a podcast that solicits donations, try to find a way to make the occasional contribution.

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