Thursday, February 24, 2011

Podcast Rollcall: You Look Nice Today

Genre: Panel

What It's About: Enigmatically branded by its creators as "a journal of emotional hygiene," this is probably the most difficult podcast for me to describe.  It's a free-form conversation between three funny guys -- Scott Simpson (computer technician), Merlin Mann (tech and time management blogger), and Adam Lisagor (editor, web marketer) -- who riff on random topics, building structure and comedy around what are essentially improv techniques (though it's unclear whether the players have any improv training).  Starting from simple topics or premises, they "yes, and..." their way through hilarious scenarios and philosophies.  Through natural conversation, they build on a topic, essentially creating a series of inside jokes that you, the audience, are in on.

Why You Should Care: Because of the humor, of course.  The participants are all funny in a subdued, "Modern Family" kind of way.  They're appealing, ordinary guys (though they've each reached a certain level of Internet fame, none of them are showbiz types) who met via Twitter, discovered that they clicked, and figured out how to form a show around it.

Frequency: Very infrequent

Average Length: 45 minutes

As always, if you become a regular listener to a podcast that solicits donations, try to find a way to make the occasional contribution.

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