Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Comic-Con 2011: Jim Henson's "Tale of Sand"


One of the great things about Comic Con is how the grand and the modest can gracefully co-mingle. There's room for the most massive of Hollywood spectacles, and the most microscopic of independent publishing. But one of the frustrating things about Comic Con is when the organizers confuse the two.

For example, a 45th anniversary panel of the 1960's "Batman" TV series was booked in a mid-sized ballroom.  Hundreds of people were turned away for lack of seating.  Did they not think that Adam West could fill a larger room?

Likewise, The Jim Henson Company was squeezed into a far-too-tiny room for a nice last-day presentation. This should have been a much larger and more-prominently featured event.

Henson Co. archivist Karen Falk (pictured above) presented clips of very early Jim Henson work from the '60s, including experimental animation, TV commercials, and his Oscar-nominated short film "Time Piece." She also elaborated on Jim Henson personally, characterizing him as a man who was restlessly creative and wouldn't let any idea go to waste. She demonstrated through clips how an idea birthed in a personal experimental project went on to be used in a national marketing campaign.

But the centerpiece of the presentation was the upcoming graphic novel, "A Tale of Sand." Based on a long lost 1968 screenplay by Jim Henson and his frequent writing partner Jerry Juhl, "A Tale of Sand" is described by Archaia Entertainment's Stephen Christy (pictured above) as a paranoia piece about the future of technology -- a subject that was very much in vogue at the time Henson and Juhl were working on the script.

Ramon Perez

The graphic novel adaptation is by Ramon Perez, and is published by Archaia. It will be released this fall.

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