Friday, July 13, 2012

Comic-Con: Floor Report, day one

Here are some of the stops I made on the EXHIBIT FLOOR during day one (Thursday):

1) First purchase of the con: books 1-3 of Korgi, by Christian Slade

2) Trolled some former employers at the Adult Swim booth

3) Made a purchase from friend-of-the-site David Malki's "Wondermark" at the TopatoCo booth

4) Picked up a free "Regular Show" Muscle Man pin at the Cartoon Network booth

5) Bought a jack-o-lantern t-shirt from Pirate Cove because I always intend to get one every October, and it was only $10 - probably the cheapest item in the entire convention center, including the coffee

6) The Disney booth has a large display of puppets, props and sets from the upcoming Frankenweenie

7) Warner Bros. seems to think the Comic-Con crowd would be interested in The Dark Knight Rises

8) As far as costumed characters that are little more than billboards for upcoming movies are concerned, this one was extremely well done.  So I guess you should go see Hotel Transylvania

9) Walked away with some flyers for free downloads from and ComicsPlus

10) And then there's this

More tomorrow when I check out new things on the floor.

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