Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comic-Con: Floor Report, day two

Some notes from day two (Friday) on the exhibit floor:

1) Spent more time looking at books, and ended up getting a free copy of "Batgirl" issue #1 from DC's "new 52" reboot series

Expensive books

2) Also picked up a free comic called "Mankind, the Story of Us All," which I expect is a religious book; Christian groups are always trying to trick the Comic-Con crowd into... what? Converting, I suppose

3) Speaking of which, the "Jesus Saves" sign holders outside the convention center were joined by Con attendees holding "Jesus Was a Zombie" signs

4) Nickelodeon did a big push for their new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" series, so there were lots of turtle and Foot Clan hats on the scene (I was a turtle, Helby was a Foot)

5) One booth handed me something called TAG, Terror Attack Game, a card-based table-top game; this is a rather large game set, with at least 150 cards and some dice. Can't imagine why it was free... unless it's religious

6) The same booth handing out TAG also handed out a CD called "A Fist in the Sand;" not sure if that's a CD-ROM game or an audio disc

7) Tried to purchase a Bride of Frankenstein shirt from Fisticuffs LTD, but they didn't have the right size; they didn't realize demand was going to be so high

8) Bought the latest from MC Frontalot, called "Solved"

9) Lou Ferrigno was signing autographs for a price; I believe he'd be upset if he knew about this pic

10) And I'm supposed to go see the new Total Recall

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