Thursday, August 18, 2016

"Regular Show" spec

Click here to read.

Here's an original spec script I wrote for the Cartoon Network series “Regular Show.”

NOTE: This is NOT a produced episode. I did this as a writing sample, and provide it here for entertainment.


Monday, February 22, 2016

The Official YDJ 2016 Oscar Ballot

Here's the best Oscar night checklist you could ever ask for! This single sheet includes the complete list of 2016 nominees (except Best Documentary Short, *frowny face*), checkboxes to track the winners, and special notations so you can compare your predictions to Your Daily Joe's.

Click below to view, download (PDF format), and print out the ballot for Sunday night.

Click here to download

As always, special thanks to Helby's Hatch for designing the ballot! Visit Helby's Hatch for more original designs, patterns and crafts.

Monday, February 15, 2016

How to watch the ANIMATED SHORTS nominees!

While it's generally easy to get your hands on the Oscar-nominated animated features in any given year (this year's are Anomalisa, Boy and the World, Inside Out, Shaun the Sheep, and When Marnie Was There), the animated shorts take a bit more work to track down.

Fortunately, every year they seem to become increasingly more accessible. In fact, you can watch one right here, right now! Click below for "We Can't Live Without Cosmos":

And if you have a Netflix account, you can watch another one right now! Click below for my predicted winner), "World of Tomorrow":

The rest aren't available on quite-so-accessible platforms. However, you can rent them (click here) on most streaming and on-demand outlets about a week before the Oscars.

Happy viewing!